CaptainCore Update #32 โ€“ Go

Last update was back in March. A lots been happening! Here’s the short of it.

With so many new things you might be wondering when, if ever, I’ll bump CaptainCore to a new major version. Haha, as do I! Who knows. Maybe soon? As mentioned before, I want to make as many architectural changes as I can before I commit to doing an official version 1.0 release. Whenever I feel CaptainCore to be stable enough to be v1.0, I’ll call it so. No ETA on that however using Golang to power the CLI feels like a big step in the right direction. Along with the renaming of the various projects.

Will plan to put out these development updates less frequently. Maybe a few times per year, not monthly, as that closer matches development cycles. So with that I’ll just say until next time!