CaptainCore Update #31 – Navigation Cleanup 🧭

Spring is quickly approaching. It’s amazing how things accelerate when your having fun. Here is a quick recap of what I’ve been working on for CaptainCore.

  • Infrastructure upgrades for self-hosted fathom instance. I finally replaced my $5/month Digital Ocean droplet for a larger Google Cloud instance. That cheap little Digital Ocean droplet was impressively collecting around 7 million pageviews of traffic analytics each month. The performance was fine however it simply ran out of disk space. Since the operating system was really old I decided it was best to replace it. I think I’ll do a short post about running backups when your out of disk space. Related, I wrote about using Fathom Lite with Caddy for HTTPS.
  • Crude SSH health check. As a quick first draft for a SSH health check, anytime CaptainCore fails to talk to any of the sites via SSH it will flag it and show a warning for administrators to review. It works pretty good to catch major connections issues. Just need to tune it some more. It’s currently a bit too sensitive.
  • Navigation cleanup. The navigation was getting crowded so I significantly reduced the visible options. Now the only options are Sites, DNS, Accounts and Billing. The rest of the pages have been shuffled to bottom menu shown when selecting the user profile. Even then it’s broken down into sections for users, developers and administrators.
Visible options
More options under profile menu

Thinking about building in NameCheap domain controls.

I’ve been thinking a lot about domains names here recently. I manage domain registrations for quite a few customers. That’s managed by myself within a account. Would really love to add domain controls right into CaptainCore. Basic thing like domain lock controls, transfers in/out and auth code retrievals. Since doesn’t have an official API I’m looking at other domain providers like Namecheap. Seems like I should be able to do all of that with Namecheap’s API. This is all in the idea phase however I have begun transferring some of my domains over to Namecheap and plan to do some experiments. Will see how far I get.

Until next month!