CaptainCore Update #29 – Winter Edition ❄️

Well that’s a wrap for 2020. Over the holiday break I spent some focused time building out billing features for CaptainCore. I wrote about the my initial thoughts on billing in the post Tackling Subscriptions While Leveraging WooCommerce. This is a crucial for me right now as I’m looking to completely automate billing and focus more on development. On January 1st I’ve finished deploying the first version of these new billing features and have begun to switch over existing customers to the new system. So far so good. This initial version is missing quite a few features that I’m going to want. However it’s still a significant improvement from how I was previously juggling multiple subscription systems.

Huge thanks for the additional Github sponsor this past month. While the billing features are something I immediately need, I realize that it’s not overly useful for pushing CaptainCore, the project, forward. Getting CaptainCore in a place where people can actually start to use it would be. Well I’m not quite ready for that however I’m happy to say that CaptainCore now has a dedicated documentation website: I’m really exciting to see that take shape over the next few months I continue to package up CaptainCore into something useful for others. If your curious how I built the documentation website, you can read about that in this post.

Until next month. I hope this year exceeds all your exceptions!