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Optimizing Longterm Backups

CaptainCore is now connected to over 1700 WordPress sites. Not bad considering it’s not yet publicly available. Have I ever mentioned building products is hard? šŸ¤£ Every WordPress site is backed up daily to a Restic backup repository stored inā€¦

Quicksave Performance Improvements

Quicksaves are my go to when troubleshooting WordPress issues. Arguably one of the most useful feature of CaptainCore, if you ask me :). They track themes and plugins with a visual breakdown of what changed and when. A huge timeā€¦

Replacing Bash CLI with Go CLI

CaptainCore is just a collection of bash scripts tied together using a cli called Bash CLI. Bash has it’s limits. I’ve been thinking about replacing the underlying Bash CLI with a more robust solution. In terms of creating CLIs thereā€¦’s Internal API

I started out looking for a domain provider to replace and ended up building on top of Hover’s undocumented and unsupported API. Here’s the how and why I got here. Last month I mentioned about wanting to build domainā€¦

Fathom Lite with Caddy for HTTPS

I recently migrated my self-hosted Fathom Lite from Digital Ocean to a Google Cloud for better scalability and a bigger VPS. Fathom’s recommended solution for HTTPS is to put Fathom behind Nginx as explained here. While doing the server upgradesā€¦

Enhancements to Fathom Lite Analytics

I’ve been self-hosting a Fathom Analytics instance for basic web stats since early 2018. That’s even before Fathom reached v1.0. The open-source version of Fathom is now called Fathom Lite and the hosted version of Fathom has been completely rewrittenā€¦

Tracking Background Commands In Realtime

CaptainCore runs commands like backup, update, quicksave and scan-errors across many WordPress sites on a scheduled basis in the background. Until now there hasn’t been any way to see any progress in the UI. That makes it really difficult toā€¦