Request New Sites

This past week I built a new feature into CaptainCore which’s allows site owners and agencies to request new sites. This is basically a fancy looking form that gives folks the appearance that they are creating new WordPress sites. These site requests are displayed to administrators, that’s me. I then manually create the requested sites under my Kinsta account and add the sites to CaptainCore. As I’m working on creating the site, a fancy looking progress bar is shown to the individual who requested the site. For some additional context let’s look at Anchor Hosting and explain how this suits my own needs.

Anchor Hosting has no sign up or way to create a new WordPress site.

I run it pretty lean and simple. If you want to become a customer of Anchor Hosting you simply fill out a contact form and talk to me. If you want a new WordPress site you simply send me an email and ask for one. I handle billing and account creation on my end. My customers receive either an invite to my portal or an invoice. It’s crazy that this simple approach to business has worked out so far to scale to over 1200 WordPress sites under my management. That said, it could be better.

A better site creation process built for a web host reseller, not a hosting company.

I know what your thinking, “What about automating site creation? Isn’t this a step back?”. Well in some sort, yes, this is a step back however it’s by design. I’m not attempting to build some massive, complicated cPanel replacement for WordPress. My pitch is “Hassle-free WordPress hosting”. What I want is something that helps me, a web host reseller, to better manage my customer sites.

My current backend provider of choice is Kinsta. I maintain completely control over who I use. If a better, SSH enabled, WordPress host provider came along then I could switch over to the new provider. This new method for requesting sites is way better then simply asking for a new site yet holds onto my core values of taking over all aspects of hosting responsibility, including actually creating the WordPress site.

Here is a full walk-through showing off the interaction between myself and the my own customers.