CaptainCore Update #9 – Fleet Mode ⛵⛵⛵

Wow, last month was intense 🔥. I finished deploying staging site support to my own Anchor Hosting backend, created a new fleet mode for CaptainCore, major improvements to the site monitor, hardware upgrades, internal structure changes for how configurations are stored and begun alpha testing with my friend Craig of LaunchPress.

So after an entire month of one breaking change after another, I’m looking forward for a little less excitement. I expect next month will be lots of maintenance and stability fixes.

Fleet Mode enables CaptainCore to manage sites for multiple captains (CaptainCore GUIs). This is heavily inspired by WordPress’ multisite mode and is how I plan to do a hosted version of CaptainCore on a single instance of CaptainCore. It’s still a work in progress. From the CLI adding a --fleet to any other command will run that command for each CaptainID. So for my alpha setup which has 2 captains, Craig and myself, captaincore backup --all --fleet will internally run captaincore backup --all --captain_id=1 and captaincore backup --all --captain_id=2.

I wrote about my site monitor improvements here. This was all about making smarter notifications. With these improvements and a move to a faster VPS I increased the site checks from every hour to every 10 minutes. The site monitor now checks 900 sites within 45 seconds. ⚡