CaptainCore Update #8 – Staging Support 🔨

In February I began making architecture changes in order to support staging sites. Currently CaptainCore works only with production sites. The one exception being the bundled staging/production deployment script for Kinsta. I’ve often found myself wanting to use the same tools like quicksaves + rollbacks, backups and quick logins for staging sites. That is why supporting other environments is at the top of my want list for this year.

Warning: Lots of breaking changes are being made.

This is precisely why CaptainCore is still an early alpha. In fact I don’t even recommend attempting to use CaptainCore until I consider it stable. I wrote about creating a new custom table to hold environments while still utilizing ACF in a post on ACF Custom Fields Stored in Custom Table.

This was just the beginning as structural changes are also needed in CaptainCore CLI, the database classes in CaptainCore GUI and many other areas within the GUI implementing the database class. That said my local development of CaptainCore is looking promising. Just need a few more weeks of testing to make sure everything is in good working order and then I’ll roll out the update for the backend of Anchor Hosting. 🚀