CaptainCore Update #7 – Small Improvements 🔧

Another month, another update 👏. I don’t have much new stuff to share, however I am really liking the monthly frequency. It provides a good honest history of overall CaptainCore progress (or lack of progress). Here are a few small improvements added in January.

  • Bug fix and improvement to CaptainCore site monitor.
  • Improvements to staging/production deployments.
  • Better integration with GUI and the newly created Dispatch API. Most actions in the GUI now track background commands as they run.

I’m fully embracing Kinsta as my WordPress host provider

Most of my time in February will be spent on site migrations, as I’m currently moving the final batch of 300 sites from WP Engine. Kinsta paired with CaptainCore opens up more possibilities for staging site support due to their SSH capabilities. Currently CaptainCore doesn’t support backups or quicksaves for staging sites, something I plan to add later this year.

Since all of the CaptainCore projects are on GitHub, you can track the more code specific details if you know where to look. Here are direct links to the various changelogs. For more specific updates check out the recent code commits.

For me, it’s back to more site migrations 🚚 then coding 💻. Onward!