CaptainCore Update #5 – Year-end Review 🗞

The last few months have been full of site migrations. I moved around 400 sites from WP Engine to Kinsta for my business Anchor Hosting. That means there hasn’t been much new development to talk about for CaptainCore. So I decided to make this month’s update a year-end review for CaptainCore project. 

The good…

This project did not exist before this year. Moving all of my custom WordPress scripts and custom hosting dashboards into an official project is how CaptainCore got started back in February. There have been so many fantastic things which got built which I use frequently as highlighted here.

The bad…

Since the beginning, I’ve been my only customer. I’m building WordPress tools for just me. That means most of what I’ve built is a collection of shoe-stringed solutions with no easy way for others to implement their own CaptainCore instance. It’s overly complex and should be simplified into an easy to use solution. 

And the future…

What I’ve built needs to be recreated or cleverly packaged up for stability and ongoing development. I thinking about switching the backend to Golang powered API which isn’t a language I’ve worked in yet. So alot of learning is up ahead for me.

Everything is sorta one big experiment to see if WordPress maintenance work can be automated. This project will be successful when CaptainCore can successfully keep a WordPress site running smoothly without any effort of a WordPress developer. It’s far from that however that’s pursuit.