CaptainCore Update #4 – Migration Improvements 📦

Recently I’ve been moving lots of WordPress sites from WP Engine to Kinsta. As such I spent some time polishing up the migration script within CaptainCore. It’s just a bunch of small improvements however it’s now good enough to reuse in production/staging deployment scripts. That means large parts of those deployment scripts were removed all while significantly improving those scripts. 😁

Every time I perform a site migration it’s quite magically to watch. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve run the following command line script.

captaincore ssh <sitename> --script=migrate --url="<backup-zip>"

I’ve also uncovered a nasty inconsistency as it relates to SSH with WP Engine and Kinsta. Apparently when passing arguments with a remote script they handle things differently. Anyways those have been corrected in CaptainCore. I suspect it’s a platform issue with WP Engine’s SSH however not sure. Read more of those technical details in the link below.

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Also just wanted to say a big thanks for everyone following the project. Gives me a smile as I’m fully aware how unstable all of this is at this stage.