CaptainCore Update #30 – Billing & Stats 🔧

Has it been a month already? That’s right, here is what’s been happening in CaptainCore.

  • Released CaptainCore v0.15.0 – Highlights include revamped billing powered by WooCommerce and CaptainCore account plans, downloadable PDFs for invoices, expanded deep link for account/site pages and much more. See changelog here.
  • Completed my first month using the revamped billing system for my Anchor Hosting customers. As such I’ve deployed a bunch of small fixes and added some improvements like billing credits and charges. The billing switchover could have gone smoother however it could have been way worst. Luckily most of the bugs I discovered weren’t visible to my customers, so that’s a win. I plan to transition all of my customers from WooCommerce Subscriptions over to WooCommerce + CaptainCore Subscriptions as renewals come up. Beginning in 2022 I should be done with WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • Improved integration with Fathom Lite. Within CaptainCore’s stats tab you can now change timeframes and page through top pages and top referrers results.
  • Enhancements to Fathom Lite tracker. Came up with a cleaver solution to resolve some performance issues with using Fathom Lite. I ended up re-writing the Fathom tracker and moving the tracking pixel to a Cloudflare worker for significant performance improvements. That’s especially true for customers located in a different part of the world then my self-hosted Fathom Lite instance. Read more of that on this post: Enhancements to Fathom Lite Analytics.

Until next month, onward!