CaptainCore Update #3 – Alpha Code Released πŸš€

A few weeks ago I finally polished up the CaptainCore codebase enough to release it publicly. This was my intention from the start, however there were a few critical things like removing sensitive info from the .git repo that needed to be done first. With that finished you can now see the code base going all the way back to the very first commit. That was long before it was called CaptainCore.

Released publicly however not quite useable

I don’t recommend anyone attempt to spin up your own VPS running CaptainCore unless you want to spend a lot of time working on the project. In fact if you do manage to get it working I’ll be impressed as my setup docs are incomplete. It’s early days. This might be what I’m running in production for Anchor Hosting however it’s by no means stable software. It’s still more or less a proof of concept. The idea that WordPress should be hassle-free and the tools enabling hassle-free WordPress should also be open sourced.Β