CaptainCore Update #25 – Summer Edition ☀️

I’m back, well, mostly. Over the past few months I took a short break from CaptainCore to build WP Freighter. I plan to launch WP Freighter later this week 🤞 then shift focus back to CaptainCore. This weekend I did manage to bundle up CaptainCore into the following releases. This covers development over the past few months. Refer to these release notes.

Here are a few highlights from this past month.

  • Improvements to site monitor notifications. Notifications now include site name, useful when home url is incorrectly configured. Also simplify emails with emojis 🔗 ⌚.
  • Sites no longer require database information. That information is now extracted automatically when site date is synced. This makes adding new sites easy.
  • Many improvements to magic logins. Now compatible with WPS Hide Login plugin.
Site monitor notification improvements.

Since working on WP Freighter, I’ve determined the following for CaptainCore.

  • Hosted version needs to have an easy purchase option right from and immediately be able to start adding WordPress sites for management purposes. Mostly likely will use EDD to assist with that logic.
  • Need to migrate over my alpha users to this hosted infrastructure rather then the current complex self managed WordPress site. This will open the door for more alpha users and reduce complexity.
  • Need to provide a way to connect from a self managed WordPress site for advanced users. Mainly so I can continue to direct my own customers to rather then