CaptainCore Update #24 – UI Improvements 🧁

June development was jam packed. From a new release, to UI improvements and vastly improved screenshot thumbnails. Here are the highlights.

  • CaptainCore v0.12.0 released.
  • Replaced thumbnail generations from headless Chrome to use a paid service Vastly improves accuracy and quality of thumbnails.
  • New visual list mode for sites.
  • Major UI improvements. Removed many unnecessary content boxes and moved to a more consistent flow when viewing deeper content.
  • Moved bulk tools, task activity and site filters to new devtools like console section.
  • Added first bits of content to CaptainCore’s homepage
  • See video preview of the new June development work including some concepts for a new site request feature:

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to move forward with a hosted version of CaptainCore. Over the last number of years I’ve created and built many tools and scripts for myself however I’ve never actually sold anything digital. I do sell web hosting services however… that’s a bit different then selling hosted software as a service.

Last week I decided to pivot and develop a WordPress plugin I’m calling Stackable. I’ve already built a working prototype and put together a video preview showing it in action. This will be the first digital product that I’ve made with plans to make it purchasable. I’m targeting a launch by the end of summer, so within the next few months. In a way I’m forcing myself to go through this process so that I can learn more about selling digital products. Figured it’s better for me to start on something more well defined, like a simple WordPress plugin, rather then CaptainCore, which is a complex SSH management tool.

Until next month, onward!