CaptainCore Update #22 – Configurations ⚙️

This past month I created a new configuration page for CaptainCore. I’m slowing removing reliance on Advanced Custom Fields Pro in favor of a single Vue.js application. Here is the before and after comparison.

Old CaptainCore configurations within ACF Pro
New CaptainCore configurations page

One of the reasons for revamping CaptainCore’s configuration page was to add theme color customization, which I got working! This allows the administrator of CaptainCore to customize the default Vuetify colors. The above is how CaptainCore look like for Anchor Hosting. Below is look at CaptainCore looks for LaunchPress, alpha user #1.

Customized colors for LaunchPress

Within CaptainCore I’m simply using the CDN version of Vue.js. That said I have my eyes the upcoming Vue.js v3 and the new experimental no-bundle dev server. Vue.js development is about to get way more interesting. I’m hoping I can just skip webpack altogether while moving into more advanced Vue.js local development once v3 comes out. 🤞

CaptainCore development this past month was very minimal. Not sure if it was a lack of focus or just a very busy month for Anchor Hosting. Either way I’ve started work on a few billing enhancements which I hope to share about next month. Until next month, onward!