CaptainCore Update #21 – CLI Organization ⌨️

Like most everyone these last few weeks, our family has been having an unplanned disruptive adventure. With local schools closing, we decided to head to the cabin with an unknown return date. As of this writing we are still here at the cabin. That hasn’t stopped CaptainCore development! In fact it’s been quite a productive month even with limited internet access. Here are the highlights.

  • Organization improvements to the CLI with a deep cleaning. There were many commands added that were really just one time use bash scripts or early attempts at automating tasks. I removed many of those and hope to continue this trend. The goal being to keep everything in CaptainCore ready to use.
CLI Before
CLI After
  • New site global defaults. Similar to account defaults, there is now a place for an administrator to define global site defaults which get deployed immediately as sites are added to CaptainCore. This cuts down a large portion of hardcoded deployment process which can now be handled nicely as custom recipes.
  • New dialogs for account creation. Since switching from custom post types over to custom tables, many basic things like adding and deleting items are still lacking interface. I’m slowly adding these back within the main Vue.js template. I now have an interface to create accounts once again.

Other Goodies

Until next month. Onward!