CaptainCore Update #20 – Fixes 🔧

Since the big release last month, it feels great to be back to regular, more frequent, development improvements. While most of the development this past month was focused on fixing things, here are a few highlights.

I wrote a post about WordPress Routing Hacks for Single Page Applications.

This goes into the details of how I’m currently serving up CaptainCore within WordPress. It’s essentially a few WordPress routing hacks to send all web requests going to a specific page and children pages to a custom WordPress template. It’s a bit of hack, however it allows me to continue to develop CaptainCore as a WordPress plugin even though it’s technically becoming a single page application.

This past month I consolidated a bunch of free Mailgun accounts into a single paid account.

As a result, I revamped CaptainCore’s integration with Mailgun and cleaned up the interface. With the Mailgun API defined in wp-config.php define( 'MAILGUN_API_KEY', "key-****" ); simply configuring a Mailgun subdomain per site will unlock Mailgun’s event logs within CaptainCore.

Until next month, onward!