CaptainCore Update #2 – A Unified Interface 📝

Over the course of building an interface for CaptainCore, I accidentally made two separate interfaces specifically for listing websites. The first interface was a simple list for displaying credentials, some usage stats, and a button for more advanced tools. The second interface started out as a Vue.JS learning experiment and became a fully featured bulk site management tool.

Merging both interfaces into a single unified interface just felt right.

I spent the majority of August merging these two interfaces. There was enough crossover features that it didn’t make sense to continue developing them separately. The new Vue.JS powered interface is much more responsive and makes development a joy to work in. In fact, I coded most of the UI while I was at the cabin. Nothing like plowing through a bunch of JS development without internet access 👨🏻‍💻.

CaptainCore sneak peaks behind the scenes