CaptainCore Update #18 – Mailgun Integration 🔍

Let’s just dig in. Here is summary of CaptainCore’s progress made in December.

  • Mailgun integration – Can now view Mailgun event logs from CaptainCore. Went into technical details on that here.
  • Custom tables migration work – Ongoing development as mentioned last month. Really excited to see large portions of old code getting reused and in some cases entirely removed due to a cleaner rewrite.
  • CLI backend revamp – The CLI uses a self-contained WordPress site as its data storage. However it was a bit of a mess as it had its own methods to store information. I’ve begun switching the CLI over to use the same CaptainCore plugin, with new custom tables, used within the CLI itself. This is reducing a lot of unnecessary complexity and making development on the CLI itself much more maintainable. Early look appears to have some fairly significant performance boasts due the custom SQL queries vs the previous used complex WordPress meta relationship queries.
Viewing Mailgun logs within CaptainCore

Unfortunately, since November most of the development to CaptainCore has yet to be released.

I was hoping to get a new alpha release out before the year end however that was before I started to dig into revamping the CLI backend. Since a number of CLI changes also require some polishing up on CaptainCore plugin itself, I think it makes sense to just wait till both are fully tested and ready to go.

Until next month. Onward!