CaptainCore Update #17 – Architectural Changes 🛤️

Last update included a bad invite link for CaptainCore Community. For those of you that are interested in joining the Discord server here is a corrected link. Now on to this month’s update.

Somewhere in November I got completing lost in code. 🤪

I started off this past month with the goal of making as many architecture changes as possible before sending out Alpha user invites. The rabbit hole just kept getting deeper and deeper. Before I knew it was changing the entire data storage structure within CaptainCore. Here’s a peak at what I was working on.

  • Removed 7 custom post types captcore_website, captcore_customer, captcore_contact, captcore_domain, captcore_changelog, captcore_process, captcore_processlog and captcore_snapshot.
  • Created and updated CaptainCore classes for handling all previous CPTs and new custom tables.
  • Massive data migration from CPTs to custom tables. This required some tricky handing in order to make sure all relating data was likewise updated correctly. See that crazy migration script here.
CaptainCore upcoming class changes

A very boring update and it’s still not completed.

If all goes successful then my Anchor Hosting customers should not notice any changes. I’m hoping this release, v0.10, will be completed and deployed to my production server before the end of this year. Still plowing through this extended development cycle.

It’s a crucial update as it lays the groundwork in order for me to pursue goals of portability and a safer WordPress plugin. No new alpha invites have been sent… however I can officially say I’m now 1 month closer to sending those out. 🤣

Fueled onward by WordCamp US

I mentioned WordCamp US in the last update however just wanted to mention it again. I had a fantastic time meeting both old and new friends at WordCamp US. During the 3 days I was in St Louis I had opportunities to give personal demos of CaptainCore to many different folks. There is a ton of work to do before CaptainCore can be put into the hands of more folks. That said I left the conference fully energized with clarity on how to move forward. Thanks for all the kind words, interest and encouragement. It means alot.

Until next month, onward!