CaptainCore Update #16 – Community 💎

Here are recent highlights including October development updates.

  • New CaptainCore Community discord chat server. Open invitation.
  • New feature historical captures. See sneak peak here. This includes a daily full page screenshot of the homepage. Read blog post about that here.
  • New composer psr-4 autoloading. This breaks up a massive single file of classes into nicely organized separate files per class. Read blog post about that here.
  • Revamped site listings to use standard table layout for easier sorting and filtering.
  • Revamped current running activities so that it no longer overlaps other components.

WordCamp US Recap

I had opportunities to demo CaptainCore to some folks while attending WordCamp US. Out of those conversations I plan to invite a few more alpha to help try out CaptainCore. There are a few safety features that I still need to develop before those invites go out as mentioned here.

  • Everything in the CaptainCore WordPress plugin needs to be stored within the CaptainCore instance. Current this is not truth. Some items are only stored within the WordPress plugin which is not good. I want the plugin to be easy to use. As in activate and connect to an CaptainCore instance and it will simply work.
  • Likewise connecting the CaptainCore WordPress plugin should automatic disconnect any other connections to the CaptainCore instance. At least for the this initial version I don’t want to be able to have multiple WordPress sites acting as the manager for the same CaptainCore connection as it creates a number of technical complexities.

I don’t have an ETA for this however… it’s been moved to the top of my never-ending TO DO list. 😂

CaptainCore Community 💎

If your managing lots of WordPress sites for customers and are looking to chat with others WordPress maintenance professionals then I’d recommend joining the Discord server. This will be a good place to post automation scripts or anything relating to bulk WordPress management.

Really I just want other folks who are managing lots of WordPress sites to collaborate more with each other. This is completely selfish 😄. Who wants to be in the WordPress maintenance space alone? I’ll most likely add channels for CaptainCore software development later on but for now that’s not the focus.

Sharing tidbits on CaptainCore Community