CaptainCore Update #15 – Decoupled 🎉

I’m excited to have finally decoupled CaptainCore! Well… sorta. CaptainCore is still a WordPress plugin which loads a custom page template and talks to CaptainCore CLI via CaptainCore Dispatch. However now the WordPress plugin is an isolated custom page template. 🎉

This is a clean break from WordPress’ header and footer. That means it should just work no matter which theme or plugins are activated. No more dealing with CSS/JS conflicts.

Before Decouple
After Decouple

Extracting a few required items from the WordPress header.

Dumping the WordPress headers and footer was the easiest way to prevent frontend conflicts with WordPress. That did cause me to lose a few useful things like favicons and nonces. To include those I came up with a crude extraction method for parsing the default wp_head through a custom Regex and then reinfecting just those parts. This might be a bit overkill however it seems to work fairly well.

Overhauled the main site info section.

Everything within the site info tab is now just one click away from being useable. Items with the copy icon will copy to clipboard. Items with the link icon will open in a new browser window.

Site Info Before
Site Info After

Other goodies 🎁

I’ll be attending WordCamp US next month. If you plan to attend, 👀 find me. I’m always happy to chat about WordPress, tech and everything. I’ll even personally show you what it looks like to run CaptainCore ⛵. Until next month!