CaptainCore Update #13 – Housecleaning ๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ

Housecleaning was the theme of July ๐Ÿงน. Most of the new features added replaced legacy sections of CaptainCore. This focus on cleanup I suspect may have been a side-effect of living the entire month in Mexico, AKA the simple life. Traveling was fun however it’s good to be back home. Here is quick overview of what changed.

  • New deployable recipes. For Anchor Hosting I’m now using this feature to deploy various paid plugins. Regular users can also run these scripts however do not have access to view or modify them. Read blog post Deploying Paid Plugins and see a quick video. I removed the legacy license page where keys for specific plugins was previously shared.
  • New user defined recipes. Administrators can create and run scripts. These are hidden from regular users and are customizable before each deployment. See video of that works.
  • New DNS Manager bundled into Vue.js single page. Yes this month I completely re-wrote the frontend of my DNS manager ๐Ÿ˜‚. The backend is still powered by Constellix’s API. When I started I didn’t know how long it was going to take. After a few days of coding I had pretty much had a feature for feature replacement built from the ground-up using Vue.js and Vuetify.js. This resolves a number of quirky UI bugs I had with the jQuery frontend. Now the codebase is much more maintainable.
  • New default account manager bundled into Vue.js single page. This section I use to define a set of WordPress users, plugins and configuration which get applied per account when adding new sites. So when agency XYZ wants me to add a new site I simply select that agency when adding the site to CaptainCore and it gets all of the preconfigured settings. This replaces a legacy custom WooCommerce endpoint configuration page.
Configure defaults dialog. Per account.
  • New timeline logs bundled into Vue.js single page. This section replaces a legacy custom WooCommerce endpoint logs page. The same information now displays nicely using a Vuetify datatable.
Timeline logs
  • Removed “CaptainCore Client” plugin. With the recent timeline enhancements within CaptainCore itself, the need for a separate WordPress plugin installed on each of my customers sites is unnecessary. I decide to scrap and remove that plugin from all sites. I might reintroduce it later however… I would first need to completely overhaul the interface to match the rest of CaptainCore. This is not a high priority.

Other Goodies

  • Upgraded Vue.js and Vuetify.js to their latest versions. Vuetify V2 contained a bunch of breaking changes. Figured now is the best time to go through that process seeing as CaptainCore is still under alpha development.
  • Multiple line code deployments. Previous running custom code only supported one-liners. Now any arbitrary code can now be run across one or more sites. This was a by-product of working on the new deployable recipe feature.
  • New ability to kill a running process. See video of that in action.

Until next month!